Red Eye Cafe
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Feel Better Brunch

                      Saturday and Sunday, Call for specials.

Buttermilk Pancakes -------- $8

With Blueberries or Bananas & Walnuts or Pure Maple Syrup +$1 for each

French Toast- Vanilla Custard & Challah Bread W/ Strawberries & Whipped Cream-- $9


Hong Kong Style Waffle  -------- $7

with Vanilla Ice Cream + $2 

with HOMEMADE Ice Cream (2 scoops):  +4

Double Happiness Waffle -------- $12

Hong Kong Waffle w/ 2 scoops homemade Salted Caramel ice cream, 2 strips of Candied Bacon

Waffle Sandwich--------$10

                  2 fried eggs with bacon on a waffle w/ spicy maple dipping sauce and side of fruit

Red Eye Corned Beef Hash -------- $9  

2 fried eggs over corned beef hash with red eye gravy

Green Eggs & Ham -------- $9

Scrambled eggs with kale, shallots, gruyere and ham w/ multigrain toast and fruit salad

Omelet -------- $8 (+ $1 for egg whites, shiitake, avocado or additional filling)

    served with multigrain toast and fruit salad

Choose 2: ham, bacon, smoked gouda, goat cheese, cheddar, tomato, red onion, broccoli, kale, spinach

The Highlander -------- $10

Scotch Egg Banh Mi: 2 hardboiled eggs fried in pork & shrimp sausage, with cilantro, pickled carrots      & daikon, (spicy) sriracha and mayo on toasted ciabatta

Sunrise Quesadilla-------- $9

Chorizo & queso fresco quesadilla served with 2 fried eggs, topped with mild tomatillo salsa

Frittata Sandwich-------- $8

    Chorizo or Zucchini & egg white frittata with squash and potato on ciabatta. Topped with harissa and fresh spinach.  Served w/ choice of cabbage-apple slaw or side salad

Elvis -------- $6  Fat Elvis(w/ Bacon)-------$8

Banana, peanut butter & honey on toasted multigrain served w/ choice of cabbage-apple slaw or side salad

Chipotle Cheese Sandwich----------$9

                  Queso de Freir with avocado, tomato, refried beans, and chipotle mayo on ciabatta. Served with shaved Brussels sprout, apple, and red onion salad.

Granola Bowl-------$6

Greek yogurt topped with honey, fresh fruit, and almond/dried cherry/shaved coconut granola.

Sautéed Shiitake Salad -------- $10

 W/ roasted almonds, kale, parmesan, & sherry vinaigrette.  Add 2 fried eggs for $4.00

Sides & Extras -------- $4

.....candied bacon ..... cabbage-apple slaw ..... fruit salad.....shaved brussels sprouts salad.....

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